Seek Ye First Generation

The Mission of the Seek Ye First Generation is to train and disciple God's people on how to advance the Kingdom of God through evangelizing and financial empowerment  , all based on the principle of giving.

The KIngdom of God
Kingdom of God

Seek Ye First Generation Training is the foundation training for all Life Transition programs. Every Instructor and every Dream Builder Student is required to successfully complete it.

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Thy Kingdom come

The Seek Ye First Generation discipling training is comprised of twelve sessions, one taught each week.

Session 1:   Introduction  Seek Ye First the Kingdom of God -Mat 6:24-34

Session 2:   The Kingdom of God

God’s system for our living tells us how to live and operate in God’s Kingdom opposed to the worldly system, and thus we truly learn how to be in the world   but not of the world.  Col. 1:12-13 says when you are born again you are translated into the Kingdom of God.

Session 3:   Glory. God’s full potential in man

God shows forth His miraculous ability in nature and in man by planting His powerful ability inside of us and allows us to expose it as He gives direction. In John 14:10-13, Jesus said we can do greater works than He did.

Session 4:   Material Freedom. Free from poverty

Jesus came that we might be redeemed from the curse of poverty and restored                                  back to abundance (Gal. 3:13-18).

Session 5:   Vision vs Provision

The economy of God’s Kingdom operates on God giving vision to His five-fold Ministries and the Lay Ministry seeks out and apply provisions to manifest the vision (Acts 4:33-35).

Session 6:  Your Assignment/Purpose

Why are you alive?  Every member of the Body is given a function and a gift to manifest the power of the Spirit so that all may profit (1 Cor. 12:7).

Session 7:   The Holy Spirit. The Power to do

The Holy Spirit gives us the power or anointing to operate within our function and/or gift (1 Cor. 12:11)


Session 8:   The Law of Sowing and Reaping

God’s economic system of giving that allows us to develop generational wealth while replenishing the earth. Gal  6:7-8 If you sow you WILL reap like kind

2Corth. 9:6-8 God loves and blesses a cheerful giver


Session 9:   The Blessing of Abraham

Abraham was blessed with great material wealth and we as his seed through Jesus Christ did inherent that blessing (Gal. 3:14)

Session 10:  Flow

We are blessed to bless others (Lk 12:16-21) Foolish is he that layeth up treasure for himself and is not rich toward God..

Session 11:  Tithes and Offering

God’s finances. Malachi 3:6-12, Deut. 14:22-29, Neh. 10:37-39. There aren’t but two ways to finance the church : Tithes “And Offerings”

Session 12:  Information vs Revelation

God’s Knowledge Vs. the wisdom of man (1 Cor. 2:6-16)

The primary idea behind the Seek Ye First Generation is for the students in the class to establish Small groups  meeting in the homes  and  disciplining  others into the body of Christ while  becoming certified to teach the class themselves.  They also meet to organize in such a way that they can financially support whatever vision God has given their local pastor and that they can manifest that vision without the church going into debt. Finally they learn how to plant these principles in other churches and show them how to financially advance the Kingdom of God.

Seek Ye First Generation

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