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First of All

Can you imagine if you had  had the opportunity to invest  in tweeter or Face book  or Google or even Lyft when they first started out. Today you would probably be a billionaire and to think these companies were founded just a few years ago by very young entrepreneurs  with great ideas. That is the most efficient way that wealth is created.


If you have viewed the ABC hit reality show “Shark Tank” you would know that business idea can create huge opportunities for wealthbuilding


Wouldn't it  be awesome if potential investors could realize exceptional investment opportunity while assisting young dreamers manifest their dreams and aspirations ?


Enter center stage – Dream Tank. Dream Tank is an investment opportunity association sponsored by Rites of Passage Entrepreneurs LLC. Dream Tank  allows the average and the elite investor the opportunity to vie for a percentage ownership in some of the most promising upcoming  start up businesses discovered in  the Dynasty Entrepreneur Development Dream Builders program


Dream Tank is looking for investors to seed the ideas of the young entrepreneur in the Dynasty Dream Builders program and because these young entrepreneur’s business  ideas  are carefully scrutinized and organized during the Dream Builder’s process, the risk to  the investor is greatly minimized. Investors can invest from $1,000 to $one million dollars in any given venture and can negotiate anywhere from 5% to 39% ownership in the start up enterprise.  This is actually done during the Dream Builders broadcast episode. Investors can choose to invest as a stand-alone entity  or they can partner with other investors to  bring more capital and expertise to the table. Investors can also choose to be silent investors or active participants in the business venture. In any event  they will have the satisfaction of knowing that they are not only creating wealth for themselves but they are also supporting one of the most outstanding causes in the 21st century.

It's Show Time !

Dream Tank will present a weekly telecast via webinars and television in which selected investors will set on a panel and analyze the business ventures of several young business owners. The show will give the entrepreneur the opportunity to display their presentation skills and the business savvy taught to them on the Dream Builders program. The show  is intended to give the young entrepreneur one of the greatest lessons of their business life: to experience in front of thousands of people either the  joy of victory or the agony of defeat and how to respond to it


The young entrepreneurs are a product of the Dream Builders program and are well prepared for the show. They are also well coached on options for financing their ventures. Dream Tank is only one of many avenues they will pursue. This will include everything from personal savings to business  loans  to investors and all points in between.


Dream Tank

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